Darwin to Alice Springs

Or v.v.

Set off from Darwin at 10am, travelling into the heart of Australia, 1,559km to the iconic outback town of Alice Springs.

Day 1

Depart Darwin to Katherine


Step aboard the legendary Ghan mid morning and take time acquainting yourself with our friendly staff and your comfortable private cabin.

Once you've settled in and the big wheels start turning, make your way to the classically styled Queen Adelaide Restaurant carriage for a delicious lunch, accompanied by your choice of fine wines. With all meals and beverages included in your Platinum or Gold Service fare, you can afford to leave your credit card tucked away in your cabin.

Watch the striking top-end landscapes roll by, all the while enjoying the solitude of your cabin, reading or catching up on your favourite podcast, then mingling with fellow travellers in the Lounge car.


It’s 1.40pm and welcome to Katherine where endless options await. Enjoy a leisurely cruise on the Katherine River as you gaze in wonder at towering sandstone cliffs, the backdrop of Australia’s dreamtime.


Experience Katherine Outback Experience which provides a unique window into the real Australian Outback and the inner workings of life on a cattle station through the sharing of stories and experiences, cattle dog demonstrations and live music performances. The 'Stock Yards' is where the action takes place. Enjoy a live demonstration of the art of horse-breaking, depicting the psychology between man and horse, watch the Riverboyne Dog Team working cattle, goats or ducks in harmony, before interacting with Bernie the Buffalo, Tin Shaker the Brahman Steer and Legend the Trick Horse.

There is even time to sit back and relax, listening to live music including some well-known Aussie anthems and originals, often performed from a top of a horse.

You can choose to upgrade your excursion with a helicopter or scenic flight over Kakadu and Nitmiluk National Parks where aside from some magnificent views, you may even witness 'Bolung', the rainbow serpent who is believed to inhabit the deep green pools found in the Second Gorge.

Back on train you'll be ready for an early dinner, possibly the Grilled goldband snapper fillet, steamed asparagus spears, with orange, cranberry, parsley and papitas cous cous with a saffron aioli.

Day 2

Alice Springs


Come the morning you'll have time for another full breakfast before arriving in Alice Springs at around 9.00am.

Here you can glimpse the history of yesteryear and the thriving culture and unique lifestyle of today. Visit local landmarks, or take a front row seat at a spectacular bird show at the Desert Park.

To fully appreciate this breathtaking part of Australia, you might like to take a helicopter ride over the ancient MacDonnell Ranges. Experience this 300 million year old mountain range’s unique beauty with 360 degree views. Alternatively experience a serene camel ride across the incredible ochre land or continue further into the interior of Australia and visit the iconic Uluru and Kata Juta.


Extend your journey...

You're always welcome to add extra days, nights, additional tours and hotel options to the beginning or end of your journey. If you’re in need any more inspiration, find it in our related holiday packages.

Darwin to Alice Springs or v.v

7 Days6 Nights

From $413* per person per day

Adult from $2887 pp
Pensioner from $2409 pp

Alice Springs to Darwin or v.v

6 Days5 Nights

From $371* per person per day

Adult from $2221 pp
Pensioner from $1794 pp

Darwin to Alice Springs or v.v

7 Days6 Nights

From $426* per person per day

Adult from $2978 pp
Pensioner from $2505 pp


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