Adelaide to Perth

Enjoy this remarkable two night, three day journey, taking you from Adelaide to Perth via Cook and Kalgoorlie.

Day 1



Boarding The Indian Pacific in Adelaide, settle in and enjoy ever-changing landscape of South Australia heading West towards Perth.

After socialising in the Outback Explorer Lounge, head back to your room where you'll find your bed turned down and a nightcap waiting on the bedside table. For your next epic 24 hours, you’ll embark on the longest leg of the journey across the Nullarbor Plain.

Day 2

The Nullarbor


Wake up and marvel at the raw beauty of the Nullarbor. Taking its name from the Latin meaning ‘no trees’, the ancient Nullarbor conjures the sense of limitless space and time.

Take some time to reflect on the changing landscapes in your journey and to enjoy the hospitality of the Outback Explorer Lounge as you travel across Australia’s longest single stretch of railway.

Your sense of wonder will be well and truly ignited when it comes time to set foot at Rawlinna that evening. Under brilliant desert stars, enjoy an evening stop at a place where even the most intrepid of travellers have never ventured.

Day 3


The Avon Valley beckons you this morning – the mild skies and cool green vales of this picturesque part of the world will truly delight.

Kick back and reflect upon this unforgettable journey.

Arrive into the cosmopolitan western capital of Perth after lunch, having finished an epic Australian journey end-to-end. Choose to spend some more time in Perth and surrounds with city tours and day trips to Margaret River and Fremantle available.

Extend your journey...

You're always welcome to add extra days, nights, additional tours and hotel options to the beginning or end of your journey. If you're in need any more inspiration, find it in our related holiday packages.

Adelaide to Perth or v.v

7 Days6 Nights

From $463* per person per day

Adult from $3238 pp
Pensioner from $2596 pp

Perth to Adelaide or v.v

6 Days5 Nights

From $419* per person per day

Adult from $2511 pp
Pensioner from $1922 pp

Perth to Adelaide or v.v

5 Days4 Nights

From $446* per person per day

Adult from $2228 pp
Pensioner from $1639 pp


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